Potato Sandwich(herbed and spiced)

These street style sandwiches burst with flavour as the filling is packed with flavourful spices and herbs and a twist of lemon. These take me back to a time when I was working with an airline office tucked in Egmore. Just outside of our complex, there were these pushcarts that sold  simple and fil

Okra Masala(Bhindi/Lady’s Finger/Vendakka Masala)

Lightly sauteed bhindi in a spiced and mildly tangy onion-tomato masala. Lady’sfinger or bhindi masala always reminds me of a dear childhood friend from Punjab and a nightmare that turned out quite…. Story for those who may seem interested 🙂 others may please scroll down for the easy rustic reci

Creamy Flavoured Sago Dessert

A celebration in a creamy, spice flavoured, sago pearl pudding. One day, I knew ahead of time, that my works the world would see, But how, when, where and what never occurred to me. Not before long, came along Ct. With its platform, highly user friendly, It’s almost a virtual potluck party! That’s

Kappa and Meen curry(Mashed Tapioca and Fiery Red Fish curry

This popular Keralan delight came to stay in my list of favourites after my marriage. Until then, I thought it more of a pickle than curry due to it’s fiery red colour and spice element. For me Kappa/kolli was always an ‘upperi’ or in a medley with beef, and fish curry was always a coconutty based o

Chocolate Cake

Another Chocolate craving day and I ended up making this. A very easy dessert to make for those chocolate coffee cravings. Yes it does have a fair amount of coffee. Does that make it Mocha cake then? I’d like to call it chocolate cake. It’s intensely rich, dark, a bit chewy and quite chocolaty.

Fig Jam

Amazing how few simple ingredients churn out a lovely fruit spread. Fruits of one of the world’s oldest trees, figs are delicately sweet, chewy, crunchy(read seeds) and healthy. Having said that, we still need a more delectable way to eat them at home. So it goes into cakes, custards, yoghurt, salad


Homemade and made from scratch. These lovelies are easy to make and can be made with most any kind of filling.

Choco chips Cookies

I had found this recipe on the cover of a vanilla extract box. These cookies are an all time favourite and are made quite often.