Chickpea Tomato Curry

Chole or chickpeas is quite a regular fare at home. This masala is quite often made as compared to the other variations which occasionally do find a place at the table. A good puffed poori or batura is the best bet with this curry although it goes well with rice too. The recipe as follows:

One Pot Chicken Biryani

A delicious, fragrant, meaty, warm, one-pot, comfort Indian meal. One of the most loved meals, I might add. 🙂 That heady moment when you wait with bated breath and then open the perfect biryani pot. AH! It’s amazing. I can never tire of that. I can never get over the love of a good biryani. As a ch

Spiced Chicken Patties

These patties pack a punch. They really do. Spice powders, shallots and herbs lend that extra taste and flavour to these easy to make patties. Sandwich them in between slices or pockets, or just have them as appetizers. This her is the recipe for two patties that I had prepared.

Chicken Curry

Slightly fiery preparation with a handful of ingredients. Made simple.

Spiced Mashed Potatoes and Peas

Potatoes and peas make a great combo. I love them in pulavs, korma, masala and as fillings for samosas, sandwiches, parathas and wraps. This morning for breakfast, I prepared this as a vegetarian side for rotis. A reserved portion of this mildly spiced dish will go into making a samosa style pie in that gleaming…

Potato Sandwich(herbed and spiced)

These street style sandwiches burst with flavour as the filling is packed with flavourful spices and herbs and a twist of lemon. These take me back to a time when I was working with an airline office tucked in Egmore. Just outside of our complex, there were these pushcarts that sold  simple and fil

Okra Masala(Bhindi/Lady’s Finger/Vendakka Masala)

Lightly sauteed bhindi in a spiced and mildly tangy onion-tomato masala. Lady’sfinger or bhindi masala always reminds me of a dear childhood friend from Punjab and a nightmare that turned out quite…. Story for those who may seem interested 🙂 others may please scroll down for the easy rustic reci